Pack 374

Cambrian Park, San Jose, California

Welcome to Pack 374!

Since 1954, Pack 374 has been helping young children through Cub Scouting. We are located in the Cambrian Park neighborhood of San Jose, California. We are charted by the Cambrian Park United Methodist Church, but we are a non-denominational pack and have children of many faiths. Our scouts represent many local elementary schools, including Oster, Carlton, and Sartorette.

We are staying active during Covid-19!

2020 has certainly been a strange year. Staying safe and healthy and taking care of our families should be our highest priorities as the health crisis has turned our lives upside down. We understand (and expect) that for many of us, our Scouting journey will take an occasional pause. That is absolutely ok.

We also understand that for many of us, Scouting can be a a useful and fun distraction from the crazy. Moreover, Scouting endeavors to teach our youth (and our adults) precisely the skills to help us weather unpredictable and challenging times like this. Pack 374 has a strong core group of leaders and scouts who are committed to keeping our program going without becoming an additional stress.

To support this, whole pack meetings are on hold until the county allows us to gather in groups of 100, and dens are proceeding cautiously, at the discretion of the den leaders. Most dens are organizing over email and coordinating rank activities done at home with families. Some have had success with virtual den meetings and backyard campouts. As we find ways to gather safely in small groups, we will, but at no time will we require attendance. In fact, if you are at-risk, unhealthy, or otherwise uncomfortable, please stay home! Remember that all Cub Scout rank advancement may be completed with your family, so please work with your den leaders to help plan.

Please also remember that your leaders' lives have also been turned upside down, and we are "doing our best." We won't get everything right this year, and some things won't go as smoothly as we wish. And we probably need some help, too, so don't be shy.

We also want to encourage our families and dens to take advantage of the activities being run by our Council, who have really stepped up to meet this year's challenges. Find details here:

2020-2021 is certainly going to be a different kind of scouting year for us. But we hope to make it fun and rewarding!

Open Leadership Positions

Every year we have some turnover in leadership. Please contact Jan or Jesse if you can step into one of these roles:

  • Assistant Cubmaster

  • Advancement Chair

  • Hiking Club / Special Activities Chair

  • Recruiting / Social Media Liason

Now open to girls!

Cub Scouting is now open to both boys and girls!

Pack 374 began accepting girls into our pack for the 2018-2019 scouting year.

For more information, including registration requirements to participate in summer day camps, please contact

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